9 Best blogging platforms to make money online?

Best blogging platforms: Some of the factors that you want to think about when selecting blogging platforms to begin are when selecting a blogging platform. The most important thing is to make sure it’s simple to use and that it’s simple to start with.

There aren’t many technical things you want to learn to start. Also, want to create sure your blog is rich with characteristics or that its characteristics are accessible, so do you have space to develop? You might not even think about gaining cash, in both terms of the characteristics you will need and functionality.

Best blogging platforms
Best blogging platforms

However, in the future, if you want to gain cash, there is the capacity to create ads on your site, marketing affiliates, and so on. So let’s begin looking at the distinct platforms for your website, taking all of these stuff into consideration.

List of Best Blogging Platforms


First, in the list is WordPress.org. This is open-source software, which implies that it is free to use and free to help you. Now, WordPress.org is different from WordPress.com and you probably have heard many people say to get a WordPress website up and in a minute, we’re going to talk about WordPress.com.

Many of the advantages in WordPress.org are that you control your site as much as possible. Nobody can shut up your website because you don’t follow their guidelines.

The next thing is that you will be able to add featured items, such as forum, membership website and e-commerce if you want to have everything available to you by using WordPress.org platforms. The next thing you want is to use your blog to take it up to the next level.

Thousands of plugins are available; these are the plugins that will assist your site to do what it wants by adding additional features.

There are also thousands of free and paid topics to ensure that your blog looks just like you want. Now that your website has full control over some of the adverse events, you will maintain your blog yourself and which means you need to update your website and maintain all the plugins and topics up-to-date.

Now, if you use the hosting provider which you work with several times you can assist you with these articles, so the cost to use WordPress, as I said, is free, but you need a server to post it on and the server or hosting company from which you are supplied with the server.

They actually charge a premium and that cost can be around $12 per month depending on which hosting business you go with.


So WordPress.com uses the same software as wordpress.org, but host it and put it on its own servers, and you pay them for everything. Some of the advantages for this are that you don’t have to log in and you’re prepared to pay. You can also use and handle it really easily.

Now the disadvantages of that are that you have limited features for your blog, and that means you can’t run advertisements and you do not own your blogs. You can shut off your blog unless you do something on your page or you write anything that you disagree with, and you have lost it regardless of traffic or visitors you’ve created.

The pricing system for this is free for your website. WordPress.com on the lower level. The pay-in level range is between four and eight bucks each month. You can get custom domain names.


Therefore, Blogger is owned by Google in the year 2013 and is available for use as a blogging platform by individuals, and some pros are free. Blogger also owns Google. It is very free to connect and use as you like and it is quite simple to use and is a product from Google, so you know it is safe and reliable.

Some of the disadvantages are that you have restricted characteristics, this is not your primary source or primary focal point and you have very restricted characteristics. In addition, if you write anything with which they disagree, you may also suspend your account any time, so you do not have your data or your website.

Other things you can just shut down your entire service and if you decide one day that you don’t want to cope with Blogger again, that’s a true chance. Blogger can be used, as I said.


Some of Wix’s advantages is that this platform is fully hosted, so you just register. They have many templates to select from to run fast, they have built-in features to get began, but some of the disadvantages are Wix’s, it is free but Wix’s is shown only if a greater level is paid for.

Another thing is that they’ll be displaying ads on this site but you don’t get ad income for them and moved it can be hard, it’s actually one of the hardest locations to move about if later, you decided that you want to host your blog.

The variety is free of charge. In general, with Wix in the URL, you will get your site free. If you want to make the payment then the range is between $9 and $26 a month and I talked previously about WordPress.org.


 Tumblr is the next platform for blogging. It’s really aimed to share images and videos, cat photos and so on, but many individuals like to be used by Tumblr, and clearly, there are pros that it is free and simple to use and set up. Tumblr is a microblog service.

It is incorporated into social media, so there is a lot easier to share. It is a platform for blogging videos or audio pictures, too. Some of the inconveniences to Tumblr are restricted characteristics that are hard to migrate to a new platform if you ever want to move away.

It is free for Tumblr and usually, it’s your site.tumblr.com. If you’re adding a custom domain then you’ll have to pay a fee.


Squarespace is an excellent blogging platform and is very simple to use. Most of the individuals they look for are more like tiny companies who generate an internet presence, so it’s their primary focus. Some of the advantages of Squarespace are that it is very simple for beginners to drag and fall, beautifully constructed templates, and many individuals like that.

E-Commerce setup can also be added if you like. The disadvantages are that the platform is proprietary, so the characteristics are restricted, so that if you want something else you might not have the characteristics you wish on your site.

It is a proprietary platform, there are not many third-party developers who can build something that can integrate with your website and the private plan, so you can only have 20 pages for your private plan and only two contributors.

The cost structure for this can vary from 13 dollars each month to 18 dollars per month, depending on whether you pay early and then add e-commerce up to 25 to 40 dollars a month.


We will be talking about the next platform, introduced in 2012, Medium, which is focused on writing and blogging exclusively and very little networking, as well as being free and convenient to use.

 Medium lets you reach a current online community because Medium shares your posts with individuals with an interest comparable to what you write about. It enables you to concentrate exclusively on writing, merely because it has no topics at all.

 Now you can’t set up an e-commerce, you can’t set up your own forum and stuff like that and you’re not able to create some of the disadvantages on the flip side of these advantages and that the characteristics are restricted.

In addition to your audience and not the media, they can send you some traffic, but it isn’t really your traffic audience that they don’t come to your site to read your information.

In addition, you can’t do ads and you can’t set up business stuff like that, so if you want to make money, it won’t be your only location to blog. It is free to use, although they are making some sort of payroll for readers who have to pay to keep reading and some interesting modifications in the coming years will take place to see how it changes over the coming months.


Weebly is another blogging platform, which hosts all of your services and has an excellent clean drag, drop functionality to help you get up, and run. Some of the pros are its fully host, the drag-and-drop design for you can test characteristics on a free schedule to check if that works for you.

Some of the disadvantages of Weebly are that they have restricted functions such as third-party integration with Squarespace and moving the site is very hard if you decide to transfer to another platform.

Now, when you’re ever on Weebly and want to move to WordPress, we have developed a Weebly tool for WordPress migration and in the description below I’ll link this to you.

Weebly is free of charge when it is in your. Weebly.com website. Besides that, if you are charged annually with restricted characteristics and then you can get $49 per month to release all the characteristics that you have, and you must purchase your domain individually, it is up to eight bucks per month.


In addition, the next is GHOST, it’s a minimalistic blogging platform and they simply have all their characteristics down so that individuals just concentrate on writing and this is truly a big pros because you only concentrate on your writing and your blogging. And you have to buy your domain name individually.

It’s clean and uncluttered, and it’s quick because JavaScript is constructed so it’s quick. If you use their hosting version then you don’t have to worry about any configuration.

Some things to consider are because of the restricted characteristics it is not simple to customize with applications. Limited integrations as well as restricted topics exist. It is difficult and not very simple to do if you try to do your own self-installation. The cost structure is $8 a month, while the domain name also amounts to $15 a year.


Now we clearly believe WordPress.org is always the best one for us and we believe that your best choice when starting is the mixture of WordPress.org and Bluehost.

If you want to take your blog seriously and you want to ultimately turn it into a business for moneymaking, then WordPress.org is the best beginning and the beauty of WordPress.org setup is to begin as easily as you need it. The nest step is to choose the topics and also find the keywords (if you want to know How do I find the best keywords for SEO  here.

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