5 blog starting tips to start a successful blog in 2019?

blog starting tips: This direct connection with your readers is one of the main advantages of blogging. In short, a blog is a type of website that focuses primarily on written content, also known as a blog post.

This link allows you to interact with other like-minded people and exchange ideas. Having the trust and loyalty of your readers also opens the door to earning money with your blog. This is something that can be discussed later in this manual. Interacting with your readers in the comments section will help further promote the relationship between bloggers and readers. (how to start a blog and make money).

Popular culture often hears finding news blogs and celebrity blog sites, but as you can find in this guide, you can start a successful blog on any topic. Bloggers often write from a personal point of view that allows them to connect directly with their readers. You can also build trust with your readers. ( blog starting tips )

If you write about what really interests you, your passion will shine through them and interest your readers. Choosing a topic that you are passionate about makes the process of starting a successful blog very easy. It’s perfectly okay to write about different topics. Blogging is sharing your knowledge with the world. In addition, most blogs also have a comment area where readers can contact bloggers.

blog starting tips
blog starting tips

5 steps to learn How to start a blog in 2019?

Step-1 Find a suitable Niche for your blog

Therefore, how do you search for a profitable blog niche? Here are some important points. Advertisers will also hesitate to advertise with you because they don’t know what it’s about. Yes, these blogs will build up a constant follow-up among your family and friends. However, it’s very difficult to have a few trustworthy readers because when you write a random blog, you don’t know on what topic you are having a speciality. ( blog starting tips )

 In order to be successful in blogging, you need to first choose a niche. In short, these people simply write about a variety of topics without a primary focus. They choose a useful topic that interests or specializes you and sticks with it.

  • What is your understanding? How can I offer something unique that no one else can do? It can even be gain to following the experts’ guidelines and even studying their ideas. “If you are willing to write a blog on a topic in which you feel comfortable and knowing more, it is probably important for other people to have some knowledge.
  • If you are not interested in the topic of your blog, it will be very difficult to maintain it constantly. Remember, in the coming years you will be writing, reading and discussing your topic every day. You will also be grateful to write about those topics in which you are having the strength and depth knowledge.
  • It is a good idea to focus on more general topics, such as trending topics that are currently in demand or having huge searches are on social networking sites. ( blog starting tips )
  • If you feel comfortable about a topic and are looking forward to starting a blog, you can make an effort to set up a blog when it goes out of fashion and will start losing its content. This way, even if fashion is out, your blog can still see what it’s replacing. You should be more aware of people’s choices and their interests regarding what they want.
  • If you blog to promote your business online, is the biggest problem that the blog brings new customers? If you write a blog to get excited about it, can you think about monetizing your blog?
  • I forgot to say important things, but you should have your blog in a niche where you can make money from it. Make sure you know your focus on blogging topics in a way that appeals to readers and generates sales through marketing or sales.

Step-2 Registration of the Domain Name:

The domain name is the web address that users must enter into their browser to access their blog. Choosing the name of your blog along with your domain name is another important decision in the process of creating a blog, as the impact on your blog will be profound.

Although it is clear, we have to remember that your blog name and domain name are closely related. If they can’t be the same, at least try to make the minimum differences possible. ( blog starting tips )

Once you have decided on your blog theme, it’s time to select and register a name for your domain. Some people prefer their domain to be their own name; however, it’s a matter of preference.

The most common is to choose .com extensions, but if it is not available, other good options are .net or .co. Go Daddy and Name Cheap are the two domain registrars that are best suited for registering domain names. Once you have decided on the name, you should check if it is available and nobody has it on the property before buying.

Try to choose a short, catchy domain name that defines your blog topic well. Go Daddy is the world’s largest domain registrar; although Name Cheap, on either side, it’s a bit more affordable and I think it offers a better user’s experience. ( blog starting tips )

A process has a lot of “artworks” and the most important key to opening the door to your business online because the domain name is the gateway to any online business.

There are three distinct approaches to finding the ideal Domain name:

  1. Domain name on your own name (personal name).
  2. Domain on the name of your brand (Brand Name).
  3. Domain-based on your topic or niche (Niche Name).

Step-3 Buy a Perfect Web Hosting

The next and most important step is to choose the hosting where you will host your blog. The newbies should go with shared web hosting. Because at the start they do not need of any dedicate, VPS hosting to unnecessary to increase their expense until we may start receiving the traffic or gain the popularity and also you will need less technical knowledge to start. (how to start a blog Bluehost).

how to start a blog Bluehost
how to start a blog Bluehost

Our Strong recommendation to choose the Bluehost WordPress hosting for the blogging. Just because of their good features to support the customers based on certain factors such as:

• The company has a good business record. 24 X 7-customer support and their technical staff are ready to assist you around the clock if any problem is persisting in hosting.

• Reliable: It stays online for me most of the time.

• Bluehost hosting has a reasonable price. With the special hosting discounts, the Blue host entry-level hosting plan starts around about $ 3.95 per month. ( blog starting tips )

Step-4 Find the best platform for blogging:

How could it be otherwise, the issue of what is the best platform for a blog is a classic debate that is still active today and in which I do not want to go deeper because this is not the place and because we have already entered thoroughly? (how to start a blog on WordPress)

So here, we shall summarize very quickly the essential points of this question, along with my personal opinion:

We recommend using Word Press. In addition, therefore, this guide will follow this way. WordPress is the world’s leading platform, with a lot of distance with the following options and it is for something: being very powerful, having various useful plugins to give more functionality as well security to your blog. ( blog starting tips ) .

Many people consider the Blogger alternative. It is free as well and does not need to care about the server and domain name too because it is totally free hosting with the free domain name in case you can make the choice of the name by yourself. However, the domain name comes with “name.blodspot.com” or “name.blogger.com”. (how to start a blog for free)

In the initial phase of blogging, it is good but when you want to grow more you have to move to word press for opting the better interface, inbuilt appealing themes and plugins offer to give your blog more standability and easy to use interface.

Step-5 Set up the WordPress and customize your blog design:

After installing, the WordPress through your hosting admin panel then after all set up you can go to the site dashboard through http://your-site.com/wp-admin. Just replacing here “your-site” with your site or domain name and enter into the dashboard with login details you fill during the time of installation.

how to start a blog on WordPress

Now you have the option in the left sidebar to change or customize the themes and publish the posts and some necessary blog pages such as About-Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for your blog site. Then after you should publish your first blog post if you have good content writing skills if not then learn about (What is Content Writing)

I hope you will find this post useful about how to start a blog and the following steps involve starting a blog and becoming a successful blogger.

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